Details on Pat Musi Kye Kelley Drama!

Take a look at this, Details on Pat Musi Kye Kelley Drama!

While there might be a few couples that have been racing in the No Prep Kings Championship, Kye and Lizzy are not just the most famous, they are the most successful than any other.

We all know that Kayla Morton has switched to the Proline-Procharger setup and has managed to win an event, however, on the other hand, Boosted has not been racing at all this season and thus has kept this couple from getting to the top of the leaderboard like Kye and Lizzy.

While we were all focused on the success of the Kye and Lizzy pair, it seems that things are not as perfect in paradise as we thought, and as often is the case, the reason is the parents.

Nobody can take away the legendary status of Pat Musi and his incredible success in building racing engines for years, but it seems that he has been the reason for the drama of this power couple that we all like and follow.

As is often the case in these types of competitions, it was the points that these guys are trying to ammas before the end of the championship that are at fault this time. Yes, these guys are fighting for points just like the rest of the racers, and at times it seems that the points might be more important than their personal lives.

With both cars running as well as they are, it is tough to separate the points chase from the rest of their lives and these guys have started arguing about who would or should have given the win to the other racer, to keep him closer to the guy in the first place, Ryan Martin.

So why don’t we join Sim and have him explain what the big deal is and why is Pat Musi fighting with his future son-in-law?


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