The Difference Between Harley Davidson and Hayabusa!

The Difference Between Harley Davidson and Hayabusa!

As you have probably noticed by now, when we show you a drag race, we never spoil the fun and tell you who wins because we believe that you should watch the race and find out for yourself, so today we do something completely different, today we are going to tell you the result and spoil the race.

In all reality on the other hand, you are probably 100% sure that the Harley is not going to beat the  Hayabusa, because let’s face it, although that Harley might look great cruising down the open road, at the track it looks like somebody got lost on the way out of the venue.

Nevertheless we congratulate the Harley Davidson owner for entering the race because how else would you find out what it the real visible acceleration difference between one of the best cruisers around and what is considered the fastest (affordable) crotch rocket around.

Check out the video and tell us did the result pan out as you expected?

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