Doc’s Heavy Metal Nova Final Updates for No Prep Kings Season 6!!

Take a look at this, Doc’s Heavy Metal Nova Final Updates for No Prep Kings Season 6!!

Doc’s Heavy Metal Nova has undergone updates for the upcoming No Prep Kings Season 6, according to a recent Street Outlaws No Prep Talk video. The car, previously owned by Adam Flamhawk, had an old chassis that struggled to handle the power of a screw blown Hemi. As a result, Doc had difficulty competing with other racers in previous seasons.

However, over the winter and spring, Doc took the car to Mickey’s Chassis Works for updates. The updates included fitting a brand new carbon fiber front end and doors and updating the chassis. The aim was to make the car lighter, as the previous fiberglass panels had been repaired multiple times and became heavy.

The updates have the potential to make a significant difference in Doc’s performance this season. If the car can reach the minimum weight of 27.50, it will be 100 pounds lighter than last season. With the same horsepower and a better chassis, Doc has the potential to compete and perform well in the upcoming season of No Prep Kings.

Doc’s Heavy Metal Nova struggled in previous seasons, but with these updates, it could be a contender for the top spots. Adam Flamhawk, a well-known Pro Mod engine builder, built the car’s new Hemi engine, giving it the necessary horsepower. With a lighter car and a better chassis, Doc has a real chance of performing well this season.

Doc’s racing history has been one of struggles, especially since the OG Monte Carlo was nitrous and too heavy to compete effectively. The Firebird also failed to make an impact in the previous season. However, with the Heavy Metal Nova’s updates, Doc could finally get back on track and compete at the top level of No Prep Kings.

Overall, fans are excited to see what Doc and the Heavy Metal Nova will bring to the upcoming season of No Prep Kings. With the car’s potential updates and the same raw horsepower, Doc has the chance to make a real impact and fight for the top spots. The No Prep Kings season six is shaping up to be an exciting one, and fans are eagerly anticipating the return of their favorite racers, including Doc and the Heavy Metal Nova.

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