Dodge Challenger vs Man on a Jet Pack One Crazy Race!

Dodge Challenger vs Man on a Jet Pack One Crazy Race!

There are times when we bring you a video of two vehicles racing each other, that are not really in the same class, like a race between a car powered by electricity and a car powered by gasoline, or the occasional, guy on a motorcycle vs. a guy in his fast car, but this time we might have outdone ourselves, because, one of these forms of transportation is not even touching the ground during the entire race.

Yes, we are talking about one of the longest dreams that have been fueled by the science fiction movie industry, the Jet Pack.

Older generations will remember that we were all promised to have one of these in the 21 century and that we will be using them as the most efficient form of personalized transport, but once again the future has disappointed us, and we mostly get to see them on the internet.

Never before have we seen one race however, so no matter how much we love the Challenger, we were kinda rooting for the jet pack.

Watch and tell us, who did you think would win?

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