Dodge Demon vs Cuda – Old vs New School Drag Racing!!!

Take a look at this, Dodge Demon vs Cuda – Old vs New School Drag Racing!!!

Once again we bring you the Old VS New type of race as they pair up a legendary muscle car, a Plymouth Cuda with a 925 horsepower engine against the modern drag racing monster, the Dodge Demon, a car that was built for this type of race.

The classic muscle car has been here for half a century teaching youngsters what’s what in an old school kind of manner, with no fancy electronics, no launch controls, nothing but the feel of the driver, while the brand new crazy fast Demon has to prove a point, and show that car manufacturers have not been sleeping these past 50 years.

While most of the pressure is on the new kid which has to show its dominance, the Cuda has the entire classic muscle car community on its shoulders, and has to make them proud, but will it be able to, well as always you’ll have to watch the video and see for yourself.

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  • Hey, even Grumpy Jenkins won a few races against Ronnie Sox!! I don,t put much emphasis on one race or even one day of races. Like the man said, “some days you eat the bear……….and the next day the bear eats you” !!!
    So I,m not worried about one race between a Nova, and a ‘Cuda.

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