Dominator vs Doc Street Beast at Galot NO Prep Kings Filming!!

Check this, Dominator vs Doc Street Beast Should be One Old School Street Outlaws Battle at Galot NO Prep Kings Filming!!

Galot No Prep is where we are taking you today in order to show you a great lineup as Dominator is about to attack Doc Street Beast and see if he can beat him.

As always you will have to wait and watch the video in order to find out who’s faster because we hate spoilers but there is one thing that amazed us while watching this video.

Near the end of the run, while traveling at amazing speeds, if you look closely you can see Dominator lifting the front wheel off the ground ever so slightly showing that this car has incredible grip and power at the same time, since we have all seen cars lift the front wheel off the ground at the start, but doing it near the finish line is not something that we see every day, so click on the video bellow and watch this incredible display of power by Dom.


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