Dominator vs Krazy Kelly at the Equalizer in Kansas!!

Wow, check this, Dominator vs Krazy Kelly at the Equalizer in Kansas!!

Well it seems that we are in Kansas this time as we get ready to watch Dom go head to head with Krazy Kelly in a race that is held at a track that looks like really needs some serious maintenance.

We can’t believe the size of the rocks that are flying off the tires all over the place but at the same time that is what makes this track The Equalizer since on a surface like this, for the most part there won’t be any difference if you are packing 1000 horsepower or three times as much because there is only so much of that power that you can put down to the ground.

As you are about to watch, both of them get some sideways action because this track is just not having it and just won’t let them transfer all that power into acceleration. That tree on the other hand is something else, something that we think we might get used to, so check out the video and enjoy some great racing at the Equalizer.

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