Double Power Wheelies, Tesla DOMINATION, & Chasing Records!!!

Take a look at this, Double Power Wheelies, Tesla DOMINATION, & Chasing Records!!!

Bristol Dragway is our destination today, as we take you to see the Street Car Takeover event where one of the coolest and fastest cars are about to fight for the win, and try to bring down some records and take them home.

These guys brought the big guns and they are here to make some noise and prove that this is one very special event.

The Roll racing guys made sure they get some incredible speeds out there and it is surprising what they were able to achieve.

Amongst the extremely modified cars, there was a certain surprise if you will, a car which had two motors, but none of them were burning fuel or making any noise, we are off talking about a Tesla which managed to fight off the competition and make it quite high up the bracket, but we won’t tell you how high to avoid spoiling the fun, enjoy.

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