Drag Racing Wrecks & Failure Compilation 2020!!!

Check this, Drag Racing Wrecks & Failure Compilation 2020!!!

We have said this time after time, motorsport is a dangerous sport and proper safety gear is to be used at all times.

When it comes to safety in this sport, there are no cutting corners (no pun intended) you just have to follow the safety procedures which are put in place in order to make sure that everybody that is at the track stay safe, the racers, the officials and the audience.

Luckily in the video compilation that you are about to see, all the necessary precautions were taken and the driver used their safety gear properly and made sure that nobody got any serious injury.

For us crashes are a terrible thing because they end up damaging the vehicle that took blood sweat and tears to be built, since we know how much work goes into these cars and how many hours are spent in a garage, but like we said, we are happy that all of the drivers are uninjured.

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