Draggin’ Wagons, Station Wagon Montage at Byron Dragway RT66!

Check this, Draggin’ Wagons, Station Wagon Montage at Byron Dragway RT66!

We have all seen them at the track and most of them have slammed some amazing runs right before our eyes, putting brand new sport cars to shame by beating them to the quarter mile marker, we are of course talking about drag racing station wagons.

All of them began their life as grocery getters or some sort of other haulers which were purchased as a family car that was supposed to provide extra room in the trunk for whatever purpose, but along the way all that changed and now this station wagon is sitting on huge tires with a monstrous engine under the hood, and instead of a soccer mom there is a guy with a helmet behind the wheel.

Some of them could pass for sleepers but most of them are not hiding the fact that this is a machine built for acceleration and acceleration alone.

Check out this compilation of one of the fastest Station Wagons that have hit the race track.

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