The Most Epic Isle of Man TT Compilation Yet!

The Most Epic Isle of Man TT Compilation Yet! 

They say that this is the race that separate the boys from the men, and where ordinary people turn into fearless racers where they break any possible limit on what seems to be an epic road course.

This by any means is the most dangerous race in the world where instead of hundreds and hundreds of yards of gravel pits, you fly around a corner at 200mph a few inches from a house wall and you know in the back of your mind that any mistake at this speed will send you into a horrific crash where a picket fence might be the softest thing to hit.

These titans are not even professional racers, many of the have normal day jobs working in butcher shops, construction sites and any other thing you can think of, but for one weekend in the year they get on their bikes and forget all the dangers that follow them lap after lap.

Check out this incredible compilation bellow, and see the action that you can only find on a tiny British island called Isle Of Man.

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