Family Inherits World-Record Muscle & Classic Car Collection!

Wow, Family Inherits World-Record Muscle & Classic Car Collection!

It may sound like a script to a movie but it turns out this is completely true.

A 3 year old goes to live with the mother’s friends since she cannot take care of him because of poverty, and he grows up to became a millionaire.

Yes in short that is the story of the man who amassed the 3,000 classic car collection and then passed it on to his kids.

 According to his nephew he never called himself a car collector even when the number of cars under his care reached close to 3,000 he called himself a car savior which is pretty understandable considering the love for cars one needs to have to spend all of his retirement days traveling across the country in order to purchase as many classic cars that he can find, and give them a new home and some TLC.

 Check out the amazing story in the video bellow.

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