Farmtruck Was Tearing Up The Streets Long Before Street Outlaws!!

Check how Farmtruck Was Tearing Up The Streets Long Before Street Outlaws!!

A few years back a show started to air on The Discovery Channel that featured a bunch of guys that were racing on the street illegally and since then it has kept its audience glued to the TV sets anytime that they come on.

Amongst the bunch of racers there was one truck that was the epiphany of the so called sleeper, the Farmtruck which was going around town hustling rich guys in Porsches and taking their money.

Most of the world loved the idea of a big tire 1955 Chevy Pickup that looks like it’s about to fall apart kicking the ass of a brand new sports car in a drag race showing them what real American muscle power was all about.

But the fact is that the Farmtruck has been around for many years even before the show has been thought off and this time we bring you a video of those times long gone so check it out.

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