Farmtruck vs Jeff Lutz ’57 Chevy One Real of a Drag Race!

Check this from the starting line, Farmtruck vs Jeff Lutz ’57 Chevy One Real of a Drag Race!

Some call him the Legend Of Drag Week some call him The Speed Demon, but his given name is Jeff Lutz, and this time he is up against the epiphany of sleeper’s, the Farmtruck, the vehicle that brought the sleeper racer to the masses after we all started seeing him “luring” exotic car drivers into a race, only to show them once again that you can’t judge a book by its covers.

This time however, Jeff is well aware what the Farmtruck is capable off and he is ready to take on the challenge of beating the incredibly fast truck with his awesome 57.

The Farmtruck is bang on when it comes to reaction time and he is leaving the starting line where this video was made in a well-known fashion, pulling his left front wheel off the ground, but will the well setup 57 be able to make up that? Well watch the video and find out.

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