Fireball Camaro vs The 55 at Armageddon No Prep Unexpected Happen!

Check this, Fireball Camaro vs The 55 at Armageddon No Prep Unexpected Happen!!

There is little that we have to say honestly about these two awesome machines, since we all know the Fireball Camaro and The 55 quite well and we all know that they are both pretty damn fast.

Today however it is not speed that wins the race but it is the nerves of steel, or to be exact the lack of nerves of steel that decides the winner in this race.

In the beginning of the video it all starts pretty calm as the get ready for the race and the warm up their tires in the burnout but when the actual race is about to start, one of them just takes off before the light and gives up the win to his opponent.

We all know that there must be a humongous pressure when you are sitting there with the engine bouncing off the rev limiter for the launch and you try to sense every movement of the starter, trust us we’ve been there and sometimes this happens, but hey that’s racing, so watch the video and see who “jumps at this occasion”. 

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