Gas Monkey Monster Truck Crushing a 2015 Hellcat on Fast N’ Loud!

Probably there is a lot of fun crushing a 2015 Dodge Hellcat with your Monster Truck?

For Richard Rawlings sure is a great fun. During filming an episode of Fast N’ Loud, he thought that a already vested Hellcat don’t deserve second chance. 

The car was loaded to him for because it’s a reproduction car and can’t be sold as Dodge official. If the Hellcat goes back to Dodge and they should crash it. A great opportunity for Richard to restore the Hellcat or use some parts for the projects he starts? No.

Already having too much parts for that kind of projects and he decide to have some fun with the crew , he brought the Gas Monkey Monster Truck. 

This come as amazing opportunity for his monster truck to be tested for the Monster Jam event. This is footage from the last season of Gas Monkey Garage.

Watch the video bellow and enjoy. Feel free to share if you like!



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