General Lee Destroyed by Fire – Fifteen Years of Fun!!!

Wow, check this, General Lee Destroyed by Fire – Fifteen Years of Fun!!!

For most of the people around the world, a car is the means to transport the person or family that owns it, along with some luggage or more often, groceries from point A to point B, but we are not like the rest of the world.

We car lovers buy cars to have fun in, instead of using them just as bland pieces of transportation, we fall in love with them and we enjoy them more than any other one purchase.

The owner of this General Lee is our kind of person and for fifteen years him and his family by the looks of this video, enjoyed every minute spent in the car and around it, taking it on road trips, burning its tires off and even being chased by the Police like the real Dukes of Hazard.

A fire in their house stopped their fun, but hopefully only for a short time since these guys are determined to bring the car back in great shape and have even more fun in it, so check out this amazing video of this great car.

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