Godzilla vs Blown Truck at the dirty south no prep!

Check this Godzilla vs Blown Truck at the dirty south no prep!

A true beast comes to us from the Dirty South No Prep event, a beast that is aptly named Godzilla will be trying to bite the head of the Blown Truck in the lane next to him, and by the looks of it, that truck is going down.

In case this is the first time you come upon it, the Godzilla is an incredible machine driven by Fabian Bell and is coming to us from Houston Texas, packing a huge twin turbo 800cid hemi in it producing massive power numbers.

The ones that have seen Fabian’s Twin Turbo Firebird have nearly no doubt that however fast that blown truck is, he has nothing against this incredible machine but we all know that there is nothing certain in racing and we have all seen the greatest cars fail against much less powerful opponents, so let’s watch the video and find out who crosses the finish line first.

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