Gorgeous 1972 Pro Street Nova Cold Start Runs Like a Bear!!

Take a look at this Gorgeous 1972 Pro Street Nova Cold Start Runs Like a Bear!!

This guy has been buying selling and trading all sorts of fast cars since the ‘70’s and in today’s video he features a Pro Street Nova that left the factory floor back in 1972, and since then it has received a total makeover.

The title however talks about a different phenomenon, one which only a true car enthusiast could understand, since they can vouch that a car’s cold start sounds totally different than any other normal star, and when it comes to tuned machines like the Pro Street version of a 1972  Nova, well that is a different orchestra altogether.

Although the video is old and the quality is a bit on the poor side than what we are used to these days, it still brings you enough resolution to let you see and hear this beast of an engine as it surges at idle and makes a great racket, so play the video and enjoy.

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