Gorgeous ALL-Carbon Body ’70 Dodge Charger with 950hp!!

Check this, Gorgeous ALL-Carbon Body ’70 Dodge Charger with 950hp!!

When it comes to American Muscle cars, there are many words that describe them, powerful, loud, fast, thirsty, and to be honest light has never been a word that first comes to mind when you are talking about the classic American muscle car.

A fellow by the name of Dave Salvaggio however thought that he can do something about it so he decided that his project Muscle car needed to lose a couple of pound, so he went for an all carbo bodied 1970 Dodge Charger.

The only metal parts on this beast are the floor and the frame which tells a lot about the strict diet that this car has been on, yes you read that correctly even the actual A pillar (and B pillar) are manufactured from aerospace carbon fiber.

So what did all that light weight material bring to the scale and how does it feel with that 950 engine under the hood?
Well watch the video and find out all about it.

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