Guy Finds Forgotten Warehouse Full of Cars!

Check this, Guy Finds Forgotten Warehouse Full of Cars!

One of our favorite shows that we gladly watch on YouTube is the Barn Find Hunter, with its creator Tom Cotter who goes around the country and discovers amazing cars which have been frozen in times waiting for somebody like him to release them from their dusty prison.

On this episode he is out in New Hampshire, and he apparently has some discovered some amazing vehicles.

Apparently this barn is filled with cars that a gentleman was trying to rebuild and restore, but unfortunately he did not get to see all of them hit the road. After he passed away one of his friends contacted Tom and told him that there is something that deserves his attention in this neck of the woods.

What he discovers is nothing short of amazing, in a blink of an eye Tom is surrounded by some amazing cars which deserve much more than a dusty warehouse as their home.

Amongst them, a straight-axle Nomad drag racing car sitting on slicks, a 1966 Nova which had received a Corvette type makeover, a ’61  Impala bubble top with none other than the famous 409 engine, and many many more.

The two yellow Volkswagens show that although the previous owner of the collection knew how to appreciate American classics, he also was a fan of some German engineering.

Check out the entire collection as well as the other cool cars in this episode in the video bellow.

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