This Guy Running a 6 in his FIRST CAR! (turbo rotary)

Did you ever think your very First Car Could Run 6’s?

There have been many different ambitious ideas that have run thru our heads, but to build a drag car for the first time ever, and to set a goal of making a 6 second run in it, well that has never crossed our mind since we are well aware of how things go wrong from a project on a piece of paper, to implementing all that “wishful thinking” in real life.

They are known as PAC Performance and they are basically a family run work shop from down under, which have been at the very top for years now at the Rotary tuning game in Australia.

You might for a second underestimate this awesome looking yellow beast, but believe us, it punches well above its weight class.

This little engine that could is one great example that if you know your stuff, the sky is the limit, however, there are not too many drivers out there that would dare take this tiny car across the line at speeds close to 200 mph, so kudos to the driver.

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