Guy Who Sees Two Cars for Sale On Facebook Realizes He Hit the Jackpot!!

Take a look at this, Guy Who Sees Two Cars for Sale On Facebook Realizes He Hit the Jackpot!!

Could you imagine purchasing two identical cars back in 1987, driving them for a combined millage of only 1400 miles before locking them up in a garage and leaving them there to sit and increase their value year after year?

Well, the story from the Bernfinds website claims that this is exactly what happened back in 1987, but they are not actually sure that the reason for leaving the cars parked was in order for their value to increase, but whatever the reason this guy decided that in order to sell these “twins” he would have to get a check for $200 000, an amount that really scared tire kickers away.

Nobody would even show up to see the cars, that is until a guy named William however, who by the way is a Grand National fanatic, decided to ring the doorbell with a bank account sufficient to make the purchase, but not even the hefty amount of cash could provide him an immediate access to the cars, no sir.

The owner made him go thru a ridiculous ritual before he can even inspect the VIN numbers of the cars.

After checking the vehicles and making sure that everything was in order, the haggling began, as it is usual for such a purchase since William and his buddy Shawn, both knew these cars, however rare, were overpriced.

The actual price which the “twins” were sold for was never revealed as it is customary with this type of purchase but at least these cars were brought back to their former perfect condition and now remain the only pair with a combined millage of only 1400 miles, incredible right.

Check out this documentary about this amazing pair of vehicles.

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