Hayabusa Girls Battle on the Street! Lexi vs Nessa!

Hayabusa Girls Battle on the Street! Lexi vs Nessa!

If you hear about a battle of two Hayabusa bikes it is normal to expect a couple of dudes measuring their skills using these top end sport machines but today’s video does not follow the regular path, it features two extremely fast bikes but they are both tamed by two hot girls named Lexi and Nessa.

Obviously they both know what they are doing as you are about to see from the video that shows them revving these screaming Japanese beasts up to 12 000 rpm squeezing every atom of power out of those 1300 cc (79.3 cu in) inline-4 engines.

Both of these bikes are not stock, and have received some modification. The screaming pink colored bike has a built engine that is also equipped with a new head and cams, and the black ‘busa is sporting a quick shifter along with a aftermarket gear set that helps it launch quicker.

Who’s faster? Well that’s on you to watch and decide from the video bellow.


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