Horrible Street Outlaws Wreck!!!

Wow, Horrible Street Outlaws Wreck!!!

For the 2019th time we have Sim bringing us the newest things in street racing and just like always he finds a bunch of different stuff to talk about.

Aside from the tittle of the video, there are some great news for the fans of the 405 Street Racers, and that is that there are new episodes being filmed, and to be honest with you, we can’t wait to see them.

It is about time that we get to see the 405 and the famous list, in their original environment and it’s not that we don’t like the No Prep Kings Championship where we got to see nearly all of them race, but there is something different to the original street racing concept, something that brings it all home.

So in order to find out more about this as well as a bunch of other stuff, play the video and let Sim fill you in on the news in street racing.

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