INSANE Camaro on Camaro VIOLENCE!

Take a look at this insane Camaro on Camaro VIOLENCE! 

His name is Greg Fergus, and he was the incredibly brave camera man that filmed this insanely wild ride from the end of the strip.

It happened that the car slid, hit, and spun only to stop dead in front of him, but the more important part is, that this devoted professional never flinched or stopped following the action, we admit that we would be long gone after seeing a car lose control and head our way spinning and hitting stuff but not Greg, no, he kept his eye on the prize and the camera pointed in the right direction.

Greg, we salute you, you sir have nerves of steel. The Camaro vs Camaro battle, included Tony Johnson in the Blown (the one that spins out) vehicle hitting Steve Kirk in the Nitrous injected Camaro which we are happy to say with some help of some duct tape, managed to race for the remainder of the races in this event.

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