Insane Street Race on Highway Audi R8 vs Two Sport Bikes!

Before we present you with this video we must warn you, this kind of driving in regular traffic is extremely dangerous and should not be done by anyone, because this is how people get killed on highway.

The video is an onboard video of a guy in an Audi R8 and is flying down the highway chasing down, a couple of bikes at extremely high speeds.

It is obvious the guy has some skill but the pure fact is, even if somebody checks his mirror before changing lanes, at those speeds it is unlikely that he can predict that the Audi is flying close to 180 mph and will be in the next lane within seconds.

The bikers have an easier job since they can split lanes and pass the cars in between lanes but the guy in the Audi has to be all over the place to find a way to pass the other motorist driving at normal speed.

Either way the video is extreme so click on it and enjoy an extremely high speed chase.

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