Junkyard Full of Abandoned Mustangs, Muscle Cars and Classic Cars!

Take a look at this, Junkyard Full of Abandoned Mustangs, Muscle Cars and Classic Cars!

We perk up whenever we hear the words, old cars that have been sitting here for a year, and it is obvious that whoever pronounced the sentence has our undivided attention.

This is exactly what the guys from the popular Rustomod YouTube channel have found for us and we cannot wait to share all the goodies that these guys managed to come up with at this Junkyard filled mainly with Ford Mustangs, as well as all sorts of other classic Muscle cars.

They call it The Mustang Graveyard, and by all means, there are surely many of them out there, however, it seems that this one might be filled up to the brink with Mustangs, arguably more than any other Mustang Graveyard out there.

Who better to show us around this amazing place than the guy whose mother used to bring him as a kid just to walk around and stare at the cars that he adores, after all those years, he is still visiting this place and getting parts for his builds.

After hearing what these guys have to say about this yard, we feel that they should have done this much earlier since as our guide puts it, this thing used to be much bigger than what we are able to see now, however, somebody from County did not like this and they made the owner clean it up, which meant getting rid of many cars that at least could have been filmed before taking them away.

After watching the video it is easy to realize that there is plenty that many of these cars can still give back as parts and to be honest, some of them are actually still salvageable and might hopefully come back to the road one day after some cash and a lot of work, so check them out and see if you can find something you like.



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