Justin “RED” Martin’s Gorgeous Twin Turbo Chevy Nova !!

Take a look at this, Justin “RED” Martin’s Gorgeous Twin Turbo Chevy Nova !!

Give credit where credit’s due they say and this time we are doing just that, and the subject this time is Justin “Red” Martin, a guy which had an amazing year while racing his gorgeous 1972 BBC Twin Turbo Chevy Nova in the Limited Drag Radial class where was competing during 2018.

These guys were so successful and that Nova was so good, that he broke the class record not once, but twice this year. The first time was during the Outlaw Street Car Reunion, where he was demolishing the competition, and then again during the No Mercy 9 event.

The plan for next year is pretty much the same, to keep doing what they are doing and make even more badass passes, and hopefully reset the record again, which they think they are capable of doing since they say the car has a bit more to give, so let’s check out their video and wish them luck in 2019.

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