Kye Kelley vs Fireball Camaro that sparked Kye Kelley to storm off at San Antonio No Prep Kings!

Take a look at this, Kye Kelley vs Fireball Camaro that sparked Kye Kelley to storm off at San Antonio No Prep Kings!

Some very heavy words are getting exchanged in this video let us tell you. Near the end of the video Kye even gets called a f**king little bitch, for acting the way he is about the red light on the tree.

The whole deal is that he cut 0.08 and lights don’t lie, no matter if you like him or not, if the lights say that he jumped, well the rules are pretty simple, that means he did jump.

We haven’t heard of the lights favoring one racer or another we personally think that the system has been made not to fail and we believe that it did not fail this time either.

Now we know that watching the video in slow motion is not going to look like he jumped, and we watched it many many times over but like we said, we think that red light went on for a reason.

Watch the video and tell us what you think, was it possible for the light to cheat Kye Kelley and steal his win?  

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  • Totally disagree. If the green bulb was moved up to where the last Amber bulb was,… the green light come on 4 tenths of a second before the actually tree sees the green.

    If you cut the perfect or almost perfect light,.. you will relight with this light setup.

  • Yes, he was cheated. When the green bulb was placed in the socket where yellow should have been, the system was working the way it was not designed. The green bulb had been on 392 thousandths of a second when he left. He cut a perfect tree, he did not red light. To not red light with this setup, you can not leave until the green begins to turn off. It is a stupid modification of the pro tree and K.K. was cheated.

    • If Kye was “cheated” (by the way, I personally HATE the way they set it up…lol) then so was everyone else. The REAL question is…was it UNFAIR. In other words, did someone else get a different treatment on the light. The answer is NO. EVERYONE had the same system to work with. EVERYONE AGREED to it, EVEN KYE, prior to his red light. Does the way they set it up suck. 100%!!! Key should’ve disagreed from the get-go if he didn’t want to use the “sucky” system. He only disagreed when the same system that everyone else had to use red-lighted him. Yep, he’s a rocket on the light. I admire his speed there. But did he get “cheated”….in other words, treated differently than others in reference to the light….no.

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