Kye Kelley’s New Car “The Show Stopper”

Over the years, there has been some amazing cars on the grid for the Street Outlaws show and as the
rules changed so did the cars and the way they looked.

According to Sim however there is one car that he thinks is special and stands out in the “crowd” of
amazing cars that we have seen during this show, and that one is The Crow.

Before you blame the interview that Sim had with Big Chief in the selection of the car, let us tell you that
many of the fans agree with him and also like The Crow.

In the video, Sim gives us the big news about Kye Kelley’s brand new ride named The Show Stopper.
Apparently modesty was not at the top of their list when they named it.

The fact that Kye Kelley is dating Pat Musi’s daughter Lizzy points us in the only direction that the
propulsion of this car can be headed and that is a brand new Nitrous powered Pat Musi engine.

So check out the video and find out more about this brand new car.

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  • Where in the hell did you find this dumb ass narrator. I can’t believe how bad he screws up talking about the street car racers. I wouldn’t want to be sitting near him speaking. You would need a rain jacket to keep from being spit all over. I don’t think I will be watching anymore of these

  • Street outlaws should be exactly what it says “Street Outlaws”. All cars should be street legal. All cars that can’t be licensed for the street should not be allowed to compete in Street Outlaws.

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