Larry “Axman” Roach Procharged Nova on No Prep Series!!

Check this, Larry “Axman” Roach Procharged Nova on No Prep Series!!

To his friends and family, he is just Larry to some he is Larry Roach but most of us know him as “AXMAN” and today we bring you a video that is a bit different, a video that shows us his perspective of the entire No Prep event that was recently held in West Palm Beach.

Most of the time we bring you videos of the event with great shots from the outside which help us see more of the race and the event, however this time we think that it is a great thing to see what Larry and the rest of the competitors in the No Prep game see from their car.

So join the fun and get the exclusive view of the best seat in the house during the event so you can fully appreciate the immense power that these race cars launch with and how difficult it is to keep them pointed the right way.

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