Lizzy Musi vs The 55 at Tucson No Prep Kings 2!

Take a look at this awesome race, Lizzy Musi vs The 55 at Tucson No Prep Kings 2!

There is no need to introduce these two, since anybody that has watched a few videos has undoubtedly stumbled upon either of them. 

Today we find them at the Tucson Street Outlaws No Prep Kings, an event that was held on the 28th and 29th of September and just for your information the 55 was getting huge amounts of work done before this race and they first started the engine just a day before so all they had time to do is load her up and head towards the Tucson Dragway, the rest they had to figure out on the spot.

But just like many times before these experienced racers managed to pull their stuff together and get the car ready for racing just in time, so there is no way that Lizzy will get an easy win out of the situation, so watch the video and see if they missed something or will that 55 get to the finish line first.

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