Massive Barn Find Full with Muscle & Classic Cars in Portugal!

Take a look at this Massive Barn Find with Muscle & Classic Cars in Portugal!

So here is how this story goes.

A guy has been buying and selling rare cars for decades but as he was a mere mortal like the rest of us, he passed away, but before he did, for whatever reason he welded the doors shut to one property that he had near Lisbon Portugal.

After his passing the estate was sold with the rest of his belongings as per usual to the highest bidder by the surviving relatives, but whoever bought it was intrigued and could not stop wandering why was there a barn with the doors welded shut.

As anybody would do, he grabbed some tools and managed to get the doors open, and what he found was a real treasure.

Under the thick layer of dust which had accumulated for 15 years or so, there was the most incredible and diverse classic car collection, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mercedes, Lotus and tons of other vehicles were discovered, from all over the world, so check out the video and see how many will you recognize.

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