Massive Muscle Car Barn Find, Cars And Parts Hoard Found In Iowa!

Take a look at this Massive Muscle Car Barn Find, Cars And Parts Hoard Found In Iowa!

Patrick Glenn Nichols is one of our favorite guys when it comes to barn finds and this time he is taking us to rural Iowa to show us his latest discovery of Unrestored 1970 L78 396 Novas, a survivor 1971 Heavy Chevy Chevelle, as well as a huge collection of muscle cars.

This collection is so big that the owner cannot even fit all cars into his barns so he has the ones that are “less valuable” outside parked in a yard just laying around.

The best thing about this whole deal is that there are cars that are in mint condition and are being driven by the owner on regular basis which is always great to hear, rather than cars just sitting idle waiting to be sold or restored.

Patrick even shows us all the spare parts that the owner has for rare vehicles and saying that the collection of spare parts is as impressive as the collection of the cars is no exaggeration, so check out the video and see this vast treasure that the owner managed to accumulate over the years.

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