Midwest Cash Days, RAW STREET RACING!!

Check this, Midwest Cash Days, RAW STREET RACING!!

The very description of these cash days sounds sketchy because these guys are about to race on a virgin road at temperatures of only 35 degrees, and a night race on top of that and we all know that these racing tires need much more heat in them than that.

Yes, the burnout will be helpful, however a warmer surface would go a long way when it comes to traction and grip, one of the biggest problems with street racing.

 Even in the cold, there were 20 cars which means that many of these street racers are not scared of the cold and no matter the hardship they will endure it and get to racing, now that’s the spirit we want to see when it comes to drag racing.

Once again Limpy will be the starter and as he puts it, “-If you drive a turbo car you better line up for one bump, because that’s all you get one bump, I’m too fat to run back”, so check out the rest of his funny comments as well as the action in the video bellow.

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