Monster DIESEL Chevy C10 Truck – SMOKE MISSILE!

Check this Monster DIESEL Chevy C10 Truck called SMOKE MISSILE!

Today we bring you the truck with one of the coolest nicknames that we have seen in a while, since this is one simple self-explanatory name, that will tell you, this diesel C10 is one of the coolest and fastest diesels out there.

Yes the Greenpeace activist might actually throw up when they see this baby rolling coal but when they check out how cool and fast this truck is, they might just for a second understand the build.

 The truck had a few tuning issues with improper turbo-charging but at the end it all got taken care of and now this baby is close to 1000 hp strong, and is on the way to single digit passes.

Check out the video of the truck that is capable of scaring a Prius into hiding and kick some serious behind at the drag race all while using diesel as a “go juice”.

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