Monza Blows Up Sinister Motor Racing Jeff Lutz!!

Take a look how Monza Blows Up Sinister Motor Racing Jeff Lutz!!

Before you get disappointed that there is not much racing to be had due to the blown engine on Monza’s car, let us assure you that this is a 12-minute video packed with great racing action.

The duel that is included in the title is just the beginning of the video, as we get to watch 405 vs 405, and twin turbo vs twin turbo, as they battle for the win which you are probably guessing went to Jeff Lutz.

While Monza ended up with a hole in his engine block which lets you see the insides of the engine.

After this however, we rejoin the action as we watch a bunch of great races from the guys that attended the Street Outlaws Live event held at Bristol, Tennessee.

Whether you are a Monza fan or not, it doesn’t matter since losing an expensive engine is something nobody wishes on any of the racers since we all know how much money and effort they put in for an event like this to be possible, so play the video and enjoy their great work.

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