Monza vs Killer Cab at Armageddon No Prep!

Wow, take a look at this, Monza vs Killer Cab at Armageddon No Prep!!

After switching to a twin turbo setup, Monza has been really struggling to put down good runs, and has been fighting small issues for the entire season of the Street Outlaws.

This time however we got good news folks, since this has to be the fastest pass that Monza has done after going twin turbo.

During list racing it looked like Monza is still in the shakedown period of his new setup since all that trouble that he was going thru should have been resolved much earlier and you would expect him to have the car already setup once they are going into list racing.

However, let’s not forget the Killer Cab since we all know that this is one fast ride and that he has been putting down good times consistently, but will consistency get him the win or does he need to put a little more boost to win against Monza? Well watch the video and find out. 

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