Motorcyclist Crashes Into A Car & Is Taken For A Ride!

Motorcyclist Crashes Into A Car & Is Taken For A Ride!

We know and understand that the driver did an illegal lane change, and apparently, he did not even bother to look in the rear view mirror of his rented car, and the worst thing is that he decided to bypass the insurance paperwork, and did not have proper coverage.

And yes, to be honest it looked like the biker was going a bit fast, but in reality, he also got very lucky not to get injured, since the crash did not look too violent as all the force from the crash got diverted and just popped him on the trunk of the car.

After getting the involuntary ride the biker goes over to the driver and yells at him for not paying attention but all we could do is laugh, no we are not to judge but that kid in the driver seat looked as high as a kite.

Check out the video and tell us, was he hitting some strong shit or was it just the surprise of riding around with a biker on top of the trunk that got him surprised?

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