How Much Boost Can a Stock Engine Take?

How Much Boost Can a Stock Engine Take?

After their show Roadkill launched sky high on the YouTube Motor Trend Channel, David Freiburger realized that he had even more to give to the die-hard American car lovers who were just thirsty for more fun with muscle cars presented by him.

He’s episode of Engine Masters which shows how much boost a stock-engine can put up with before puking its internals has reached 300,000 views in one day, and that is something to be respected, and not taken lightly since that is a huge number.

With about 5,2 million subscribers the Engine Masters show proved to be a huge success and this time they show you if a stock engine will live to see a 750 hp and keep ticking.

Now before you watch the video, we ask you to comment your predictions and see if you were right about, “how much boost can a stock block suck, so the stock block won’t chuck rods?’

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