Murder Nova Has Gotten a Few Upgrades for 2019!!

Take a look at this, Murder Nova Has Gotten a Few Upgrades for 2019!!

Last season has to be a season that Shawn and the entire Murder Nova team would like to forget as soon as they can, because apart from the initial success in the first two episodes of the Street Outlaws, nothing went their way, and there were weeks when all he could do is stare at the new setup with literally no results.

At one time they even ended up changing the entire fuel system in order to find the bug that has been causing them problems, but only to fix the problem for a short while.

This time however, they seem to be tackling the problems early on, and they are trying their best to get all the upgrades done before the season starts, in order to be able to fix all the quarks and bugs, in time for list racing.

What have they done so far? Well take a look at the video and find out for yourself.


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