Murder Nova Throwing Down Some Insane Runs in the Midwest Pro Mod Series 2020!!!

Check this, Murder Nova Throwing Down Some Killer Runs in the Midwest Pro Mod Series 2020!!!

Let us take you on a journey to the Midwest where they are about to open the 2020 Pro Mod Series.

Amongst these incredibly powerful race cars we find a familiar face and a car that we have seen all over the place in the past few years so it comes to us as no surprise to find him here.

Although he is facing a very tough competition we know that he is not afraid to go and mix it up with the Pro Mod guys, however what makes this video special is the fact that this time the clocks are on.

Yes, these guys did not shut down the timing gear and now we can actually see how fast the Murder Nova is, win or lose.

We knew that this incredible car is capable of hitting the low 4s however just how low he goes is something that you need to see yourself so check out the video and enjoy.

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  • I would definitely go to see the team 405 if they came to the meremere strip here in New Zealand
    It would be so dam awesome to see up close and in person

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