Murder Nova Unveils Powerful New Hemi Combo for No Prep Kings Season 6!

Take a look at this, Murder Nova Unveils Powerful New Hemi Combo for No Prep Kings Season 6!

In exciting news for Street Outlaws fans, the legendary No Prep Kings Murder Nova has finally been completed with an impressive new Hemi combination. This highly anticipated upgrade promises to take the already formidable vehicle to new heights in the upcoming season of No Prep Kings.

After the conclusion of No Prep King Season Five, which wrapped up in October, Sean faced the challenging task of selecting the perfect combination for the Murder Nova. Countless options, including screw blowers and ProChargers, were considered. However, following his return from Australia, Sean made the momentous decision to equip the NPK Murder Nova with a ProCharger setup featuring the cutting-edge Proline MH7 Hemi.

The first images of the Murder Nova, showcasing its revamped powertrain, were released on the Marinella Facebook page and the 187 Customs Facebook page. Sporting the brand-new Proline racing MH7 Hemi, renowned for its exceptional performance, the Murder Nova also flaunts a ProCharger blower. While it’s uncertain whether it’s the 140-1 ProCharger or possibly the new F4136 utilized by Daddy Dave, the smaller blower offers Sean’s car the advantage of reduced weight, potentially enhancing its speed on the track.

The remarkable transformation took place at Modern Racing, a renowned facility known for their exceptional work on numerous NPK cars. With Justin leading the modifications and the new Hemi installation, the Murder Nova is poised to deliver outstanding performance on the racecourse.

Excitement continues to build as fans eagerly await the upcoming season’s debut, where the Murder Nova will be equipped with the new 34.5 tire and a fresh camera look on the Fireball Camaro. This recent testing session, attended by Ryan and Sean, has surely provided valuable insights into maximizing the potential of the 34.5 tire, ensuring that the Murder Nova will be well-prepared to conquer any challenges that lie ahead.

With Sean’s prior experience in Australia, where he demonstrated remarkable speed with the Hemi ProCharger combination, the expectations for the upcoming season are sky-high. As the team captain, Sean, along with the entire Phantom crew, is determined to unlock the full potential of the Murder Nova swiftly and dominate the competition. Their expertise and dedication ensure that the new combination will be fine-tuned to perfection, making the Murder Nova a formidable force to be reckoned with on the No Prep Kings circuit.

Stay tuned for the much-anticipated release of a new video that will provide an in-depth look at the Murder Nova’s new configuration. With their undeniable passion for the sport and a hunger for victory, Sean and his team are ready to showcase the blazing speed and power that the Murder Nova now possesses. Get ready for an exhilarating season filled with adrenaline-pumping races and awe-inspiring performances from Street Outlaws’ beloved Murder Nova.

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