Mustang vs Chevy Nova Wheels UP Horsepower For Hope!!

Mustang vs Chevy Nova Wheels UP Horsepower For Hope!!

In case you never heard of it the Horsepower For Hope event was a race held at the Bonne Terre Dragstrip located in the eastern parts of Missouri and was held in order to collect funds for the Camp Hope which supports and helps U.S. Military veterans.

This 1/8th mile event was opened nearly to all classes and all kinds of vehicles, with any kind of tire, any kind of engine and any kind of power adders, wheelie bars and all sorts of other things were allowed with the only restriction being that the cars bellow 6.5 seconds were mandatory to have a roll bar affixed in at least 6 spots.

But then again, with a car so powerful we don’t think anybody would dare to run it without a roll bar.

The event brought us some great racing so play the video and see if you can predict ahead of time who wins this duel, and be honest about it in the comment section, did you guess right?

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