New No-Prep Monster Unveiled Called WHITE ZOMBIE!

Check this, brand New No-Prep Monster Unveiled Called WHITE ZOMBIE!

Now we all know that the paint is by far not the most important thing on a race car, but once you have invested tons of money, love, sweat, and probably blood in a race car, well you’d like it to look as good as possible, and boy, does this thing stand out.

The graphics on this beautiful machine named The White Zombie, stand out and stop everybody dead in their tracks, because there is just so many thing to look at that a simple walk around, would take half an hour in order to appreciate all the details on it.

 But wait, there is more. This is the first time this beast shows up at an event, and aside from the dashing exterior, it is here to prove that is has much more to offer than just good looks.

How will this thing do at its debut? Well to find out play the video bellow and see for yourself.

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