Nitrous Ice Cream Truck & Tucson Trucks!!!

Take a look at this Nitrous Ice Cream Truck & Tucson Trucks!!!

In this video we have some of the cool trucks that raced at the tucson no prep event held in tucson arizona. The first truck in the video is a procharged chevy pickup that was entered in the big tire class which put up a show!

The gorgeous truck was hard to beat and was doing his thang on the track. Up next we had a couple of boosted pickups that were in the 7.0 class and small tire.

They were fast racers that got fairly far in their classes as well. We also included a nitrous small block ice cream van that drove all the way from california to race in the no prep event in tucson.

The ice cream van was on a 28 inch slick and had two stages of nitrous.

The van life was putting it down on the track but broke down during his second run of the day.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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