Og Murder Nova is Back at Armageddon!!

Take a look at this awesome news, Og Murder Nova is Back at Armageddon!!

There were tons of racers that took place at Armageddon and there was a huge interest for many of them.

Amongst the ones that grabbed much of the focus was the OG Murder Nova.

Everybody was delighted to see this OG car back at the starting line and even though it was sitting on small tires it was still a sight to behold.

After a long time, this beast with Shawn Ellington behind the wheel is tracking straight as an arrow and is telling everybody that the OG Murder Nova is back and it still has a sting to it.

However fast this thing might seem when it is on a test pass, or a free run, you can never be sure about how well is going to do against the competition because let’s face it, none of them were a sleep behind the wheel thru the winter.

Instead all of them were improving their cars so now the OG Murder Nova has to face them and prove itself, so check out the video and see how it did.


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