Oldsmobile Heaven (with some Mopar and Pontiac sprinkled in!)

Take a look at this Oldsmobile Heaven (with some Mopar and Pontiac sprinkled in!)

Today we are going on a ride with Tom Cotter, the Barn Find Hunter who received a lead from the guy featured in a former episode pointing out that there is some classic “gold” to be found nearby.

He takes us to the stomping ground of a real Oldsmobiles enthusiast which has quite the collection of cars amassed on his property, ranging from Eighty-Eights and Cutlasses to Plymouth Road Runner with no drivetrain which according to the rust, has not spent the majority of its life in Texas.

The entire video features a bunch of cars and Top apparently knows his stuff when it comes to American Classic metal since he knows the specs on nearly all of the cars that he comes up on at the property and has quite a few things to say about them during the video, so check it out and who knows you might actually learn a thing or two about Classic muscle cars.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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