One Gorgeous 1969 Chevrolet Nova Yenko Resto Mod!!!

Check this, for sure is One Gorgeous 1969 Chevrolet Nova Yenko Resto Mod!!!

We feel like we need to issue a warning about this next video because if you are in the market for a ’69 Chevy Nova, well you might be spending more money than you were expecting this month, because this is a Yenko Resto Mod that not just captivates you with the clean look, but with the rest of the performance.

This car has been restored with performance in mind and you can tell that as soon as you take a look at those front drilled rotors that will make sure the front end will stay as pretty as it is, next time you decide to stab the throttle.

Along with power steering this car also has something that we are not used to live without, and that is an AC, another very important modification that will make sure cruising with that 550 hp engine will not have to be cut short in the warm days.

Check out the rest of the features that this car has, and who knows, maybe one of you guys will be the new proud owner of this gorgeous Resto Mod.

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